Payment App & Consumer Engagement

Platform for Unattended Machines

An app that connects operators with their consumers. Increase user engagement with promotions
and loyalty programs, and gain more
repeat sales.

Why monyx wallet?

  • engagement Increase engagement
    With discounts, happy hours,
    & digital punch cards
  • arrow up Just your phone
    No need for cash or
    a physical card
  • card Prepaid management
    Integrate employee cards,
    offer staff discounts.
  • phone Digitize your business
    Digitize your refund process.
    Less operational hassle, reduce costs

Integrates with Nayax’s Cashless Solutions

Monyx Wallet allows Nayax operators the opportunity to introduce consumer engagement into their operations. With cashless payments and a consumer app, operators futureproof their businesses.

  • Easy to Manage
    Everything can be done using Nayax’s Management Suite. Select the type of campaign, customize and monitor the progress.
  • Remote Control and Management Solution
    Nayax’s cashless solutions also improve operational efficiency with remote monitoring, telemetry, alerts, reporting and Management Suite.
  • More Cashless Payment Options
    If a consumer isn’t carrying cash, Nayax’s cashless card readers give them the chance to pay with the cashless payment method of their choice.
    Credit/debit cards PayPal Prepaid cards Monyx Wallet NFC mobile payments like Google Pay
  • Suitable for All Machine Types
    For vending machines and office coffee services. Also compatible with pulse machines - laundromats, amusement & kiddie rides, car washes and many others machines.

Want to add Monyx Wallet to your machine?